Dental Coverage

From fully comprehensive HMOs and PPO’s to discount dental plans, Healthcare National Marketing has the options that fit your needs. Whether you want a set co-pay per procedure plan, have a specific dentist that you want to see, or want coverage for when you travel, our Dental Specialists are standing by to answer any questions you may have. Call 1-800-396-7683 or Click Here to contact a Dental Specialist.

As an Association member you may qualify for a quality dental plan through Delta Dental Insurance Company.   Two plan options are available to help meet the dental needs of you and your family.  These plans are at an additional monthly cost above the membership fee for the association and are only valid in certain states.   

DeltaCare USA (DHMO) provides great dental benefits and predictable costs. The plan provides a full list of copayments so the cost for covered services is never a surprise.  There is no annual deductible and no maximums for covered services.  DeltaCare USA plans are easy to use, and offer a great combination of affordability and dentist choice.  Enrollees must select a primary care dentist in the DeltaCare USA network from whom they receive treatment.

Delta Dental PPO, is a preferred provider organization (PPO) plan.  Covered services are paid at the applicable co-insurance amount.  This plan provides access to one of the largest PPO dentist networks in the U.S. Delta Dental PPO dentists agree to accept reduced fees for covered procedures when treating PPO patients. This means your out-of-pocket costs are usually lower when you visit a PPO dentist than when you visit a non-Delta Dental dentist, but you have the freedom to visit any licensed dentist, anywhere in the world.

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